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Company Timeline

[AXESS Corporation Timeline]

May 2018
The Nihonbashi Sales Office moved to Saitama.
October 2015
The Nagano Sales Office is established in Nagano.
September 2015
The Gifu Sales Office is established in Gifu.
April 2015
The Niigata Sales Office is established in Niigata.
November 2014
Nissin Automobile Corporation, Mizuho Automobile Industrial Co., and Takara Parts Corporation combine management to form AXESS Corporation.

[Former Company Timelines]

The 3 former companies that make up AXESS Corporation (Nissin Automobile Corporation, Mizuho Automobile Industrial Co., and Takara Parts Corporation) were all established throughout the 20th Century prior to 1990, and helped support the development of Japan's automobile industry with long histories of success.
Paths leading to the merging of the companies.

- Nissin Automobile Corporation
1921: With plans to increase automobile use in Japan, Tokutaro Nagase (later president of Nagase & Co., Ltd.) establishes Nissin Automobile K.K. in Osaka's Kita ward with 500,000 yen in capital. He begins importing automobiles such as Studebakers from the U.S. and Austins from England.
  1927: Japan's first automobile knock-down factory is built in Osaka, and assembly begins on Whippets to be used as Japan's earliest taxis.
1942: Following a ban on the import of foreign automobiles and auto parts, the company begins dealing in domestic wholesale auto parts.
1948: Following the war, the ban on foreign automobiles is lifted and importing begins again.
1953: The combined technologies of the Nissan and Austin companies produce the Nissan Austin, allowing Nissan to enter the sales industry as an auto dealer.
1954: To expand the domestic wholesale division, the Fukushima Sales Office (now the Osaka Sales Office) and Fukuoka Sales Office are opened.
1965: Contracts with various foreign auto import agencies are dissolved.
1968: With a merger combining the company wih Nissan Motor and Tokyu Auto in Tokyo, Toshin Nissan Auto is established (later merging with Shin-Tokyo Nissan), creating an auto sales network.
1983: Nissin Nissan Motor K.K. is established, breaking away from the Nissan Auto Dealer Division.
1985: Nissin Nissan Motor K.K. stock is transferred to Nissan Motor and it begins business as a parts trading company.
2005: The International Business Department is launched.
2012: The Products and Special Orders Business Departments are launched.
- Mizuho Automobile Industrial Co.
1948: The first representative director, Masami Matsumura, establishes Mizuho Automobile Industrial Co. in Tokyo.
1961: The Construction Machinery Department is launched.
1989: The Headquarters (Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is rebuilt, and the Tokyo Sales Office is established in Sengoku, Koto-ku.
2009: The Tokyo Sales Office moves to a new building in a different location.
- Takara Parts Corporation
1930: Kyotaro Ukai single-handedly establishes the Takara Company in Takara-machi (now Kyobashi), Tokyo.
1939: The Takara Company is reorganized into a corporation as Takara Company, K.K.
1958: The company is renamed to Takara Parts Corporation.
1969: The Takara Parts Headquarters Building is completed in Kyobashi.
2003: The Headquarters are moved to Higashinihonbashi.