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Management Principles

AXESS Corporation Management Principles

Through honest actions and a spirit for challenges,
we will build a company trusted by its customers and communities,
and work to create happiness.

AXESS Corporation Company Mission

We will provide services that ensure customer satisfaction,
work towards finding solutions to problems,
and grow into a company that earns our own success.

AXESS Corporation Conduct Standards

We have defined the below AXESS Corporation Business Conduct Standards so as to have a standard which every employee, from the President to entry-level workers, may adhere to throughout their duties.  We will exhibit these standards during our daily work in order to gain trust from the community, which we believe is integral to the realization of our Management Principles and Company Mission.

(1) Honest Actions
We will act with care and compassion, and with smiles on our faces.
We will consider honesty a standard in all activities.
We will abide by our decisions and our standards.
We will give our best until the very end, and take responsibility for our work.
We will value teamwork among our peers.
(2) Taking on Challenges
We will strive to achieve the "better," never being satisfied with the status quo.
We will take on new challenges without the fear of failure.
We will work to improve ourselves so as to better respond to changes.
(3) Customer-First Mentality
We will provide safe and high-quality products.
We will work to act quickly and soundly.
We will provide services with high value, adapted to the current era and society.