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Departments and Businesses

Overseas Department

  • We export maintenance and repair parts and other car items for used vehicles (automobiles, trucks, buses, etc.) exported from Japan.
  • Our customers are auto parts importers and dealers from markets with high demand for Japanese automobiles, such as Russia, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • We also procure auto parts for local dealers in countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand, and are expanding our imports business and business between Russia and Central and South American countries.
  • We plan to begin sales of forklift and construction machinery parts, as well as new chemical products for new cars.

Overseas Operations Development

Overseas import and export map

Sales Headquarters

[Japan Sales Offices] Service Part Logistics Routes

Service Part Logistics Routes

Product Department and Product Planning Department

The Products Deparment (at the Tokyo Headquarters) handles supply, while the Product Planning Department (at the Osaka Headquarters) conducts planning and development of new products. We have gained the trust of our customers by responding politely and in a timely manner.
Technological progress in the auto parts industry has been remarkable, and all makers are constantly developing high-quality and high-functioning products. We quickly bring our customers all this latest information via our in-house parts experts and nationwide network.
Please view our Product Information for details on products we offer.

Construction Machinery Department

We deal in construction machinery parts.